When I was a child, rhythms have always interested me. I loved the moment where people would tap a rhythm and I was able to repeat it perfectly. But when I asked my family if I could learn how to play the drums they just said -of course- "No way!". 
Anyways, I learned how to play the guitar and after a few years, I started playing in a small cover band. But I always wanted to pursue my own way, something that the others were not so enthusiastic about. 
I have always been fascinated by loops and in and during an intense time with Radiohead on my ears, I decided to buy a loop machine to fill my guitar and create some surroundings with small loops and rhythms. 
After a short time, I had Ableton live on my computer and a small interface that started the crazy dive into this music world. Pretty quick I found myself not playing my guitar anymore but forming sounds from all kind of sources. 
Being consistent for a long time with Ableton, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession and enrol in a private university to study sound techniques. After 6 years of study and continuous music around me, I found myself as a sound designer and mixing & mastering engineer, working as a freelancer in this field for a while.
Musically talking, I've spent a long time with UK dubstep and bass music and learned a lot about modulation and dry mixing. But now I find myself mostly as a techno producer under the alias Mordio and still trying to find the art of minimalism and duality in loops in music. 
In this current situation, my new approach is to open myself to bigger outlines and getting involved in third-party projects, especially to start a deeper connection with film and audiovisuals. 
Besides the sound field, I have a strong interest and passion for filmmaking, both recording and editing process. My main goal is to become a complete content creator, being capable to produce and manage the totality of media creation. 
Besides my Mordio project I am part of MIORO.
MIORO offers graphic design, I am the sound designer and Video creator for this project and also try my self on some coding, to great some generative art for the Team.
MIORO is a platform naturally emerged from the love between friends and their own creative activities with the intention to pursue and embrace the art, creators and the sense of community.